Covid: The Big Picture – June 2021


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Published: June 3, 2021
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An update on covid vaccines, early treatment, virus origins, and more.

A) Covid vaccines A.1) Mass vaccinations should be done outdoors

Back in February 2021, SPR first noted that in several countries, mass vaccination campaigns appear to drive covid infections, likely due to indoor aerosol transmission at vaccination centers.

Since then, numerous countries have experienced dramatic increases in covid infections and covid deaths in parallel to vaccination campaigns; this phenomenon even affected some of the legendary “zero covid countries”, such as Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand.

Hence, mass vaccinations should be run outdoors whenever possible (see this example in NYC), especially if vaccinations are performed during an ongoing coronavirus wave or during the respiratory virus season in general.

The chart below shows the dramatic example of the Fiji islands. A very similar development was previously observed in the Maldives and the Seychelles. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand should also be extra careful in how they organize their vaccination drive.

Fiji: Covid vaccination campaign driving covid infections (OWD/MC)A.2) Vaccine effectiveness and safety

On the plus side, covid vaccines may already have saved tens or even hundreds of thousands of lives, by protecting high-risk groups during the spring wave in Europe, Latin America, and Asia (see e.g. the previously shown chart of hospitalizations per age group in Switzerland).

On the minus side, covid vaccines have been associated with thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of serious adverse events. The main issue here is that such serious vaccine adverse events may affect even young people at low risk of severe covid, thus questioning the risk – benefit ratio in these age groups. Moreover, little is still known about the long-term safety and effectiveness of the various types of covid vaccines.

The chart below, provided by the new OpenVAERS mortality dashboard, shows the dramatic increase in reported US post-vaccination deaths in 2021. On the one hand, not all of these deaths were caused by covid vaccines; but on the other hand,

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