Eight Thoughts On The “UFO” Narrative


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Listen to a reading of this article:

1. There’s no getting around talking about this UFO stuff. The fact that it’s a story is itself a major story. There’s no point in trying to look cool by ignoring it, especially given its potentially huge implications in propaganda narratives and the expansion of the US war machine. Nothing with this much public interest that is also being pushed by the Washington political establishment, by military insiders and by the mass media in cooperation with the Pentagon is likely to go away anytime soon. The narrative needs to be engaged, and engaged critically.

2. At this point in time I find the notion that this steadily intensifying Pentagon narrative is unfolding by pure coincidence at the same time the US is ramping up cold war tensions with Russia and China amid a race to militarize space highly unlikely. Full spectrum dominance means full spectrum dominance, and military officials have doubtless been casting their eyes skyward thinking about how terribly un-dominated it is up there.

3. This guy put out a video a few days ago which looks to my unscientific mind like a fairly thorough dismantling of the Pentagon-verified “UFO” footage that the mass media has been pushing, as well as a well-deserved thrashing of the unscrupulous pundits who’ve been promoting it. Tucker Carlson deserves special mention for looking especially hysterical in the clips he appears in:

This one is more serious and technical with slightly different conclusions:

This doesn’t by itself invalidate other aspects of the story like the new radar “swarm” video or the pilot testimonies regarding the famous 2004 USS Nimitz “tic tac” encounters, but the fact that every object we’ve actually been shown can be explained by mundane and easily identified phenomena doesn’t say much for a story that was sparked in 2017 by “leaked” “UFO” videos. If random YouTubers can debunk them it’s also entirely possible that the Pentagon knew they were bunk.

4. We’ll know more about where this is all headed when the Senate report on these phenomena comes out,

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