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candlelight says:


In your nomorefakenews link, Rappoport mentions Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who shares a similar fabulist viewlessness of viruses.

Rappoport is an artist and investigative journalist. Kaufman is a doctor of psychiatry.

Besides these two, are there any others with any sort of credentials, let alone actual scientists, researchers, virologists, molecular biologists, who share Rappoport’s and Kaufman’s views on the nonexistence of viruses?

An excerpt from your link, quoting Rappoport:

“Mainstream researchers—virologists, molecular biologists—BELIEVE they are working with a real virus. Most of them certainly believe this. They are married to their fallacious and fantastical processes of proving a given virus exists.”

Please tell me where in Rappoport’s background does he get off with a diatribe like this?

If anybody is married to fantasy and stratospheric imagination, it’s Rappoport!

In fact, it would seem, imagination is key to his own sense of self, and personal liberation.

But, hey, more power to him!

Here he is in 1998 lecturing on imagination, among other things:

Don’t get me wrong, I do think Rappoport has a lot of really very interesting views and ideas, but, for me, personally, his no-virus mind set is not one of them.

And, that’s not to say it wouldn’t be interesting for Corbett to interview him. Not just about viruses, but a whole myriad of things…. Why the hell not?

PS: I find better absorption listening to Rappoport at 1.75x – 2.0x.

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