The COVID-19 spike protein is a potentially unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen Robert Gorter, MD, PhD


03-06-21 01:03:00,

The COVID-19 spike protein is a potentially unsafe toxic endothelial pathogen


Paul Alexander, PhD,  Parvez Dara, MD, MBA; Howard Tenenbaum, DDS, PhD

 commentaries by Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

June 1st, 2021


We raise the specter of harm from the vaccines in children and adolescents. We are scientists and prognosticators who believe in the science of pre-existing vaccines that have undergone rigorous pretesting prior to human exposure. We have very serious concerns about these COVID-19 vaccines; especially given escalating adverse effects being reported in the CDC’s VAERS vaccine adverse event database, the European vaccine adverse event reporting database, and the evidence in the general media. The reports of several thousand deaths post-vaccine that appear temporally linked to the vaccines are very alarming. We are raising the alarm and call for urgent examination and action.

We also raise these risk concerns for pregnant women who must only be administered safe drugs or vaccines. We never ever administer an untested biological substance to a pregnant woman. There could be no exception to this and we are very concerned about the administration of these vaccines to pregnant women. They are very concerning risks to these COVID-19 vaccines and we are referring to not just immediate risks, but the long-term ones that would emerge in years to come e.g. autoimmune disorders, etc. We just do not have the required long-term safety data for the vaccines and this worries us immensely. The reality is that we strongly support vaccines that are ‘properly’ developed, and we are not “anti-vaxxers.”

We have always argued for a ‘focused’ approach that is stratified based on age-risk targeting, recognizing that COVID-19 operates based on age and risk. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is suboptimal and does not work. We continue to fail to strongly protect the high-risk among us (elderly, elderly with co-morbid conditions, etc.) while restricting the ‘well’ and ‘low-risk healthy persons in our populations with policies that have had devastating societal consequences beyond what could have been caused by the pathogen on its own.  Outcomes once infected, has less to do with the virus itself and more to do with one’s baseline risk.

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