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On May 10-11 a conference was presented by the “Alliance of Democracies” in Copenhagen that claimed to “unite free peoples” against authoritarianism, to promote the rule of law, to advance the “technological control of democracy,” freedom of expression and US leadership. It was heralded as a forum for guests to hear from prominent individuals on “the frontlines of defending democracy.”

But the true purpose of the Summit was revealed by the opening invitation from the 12th NATO Secretary General (2009-2014) and 24th Danish Prime Minister (2001-2009), Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who celebrated the fact that the first Summit in 2018 was opened by Joe Biden and by the fact that it was moderated by Politico’s Ryan Heath and former ABC and CNN correspondent, Jeanne Meserve, who if not assets of the CIA, acted as if they were.

In an opening video, still on their website inviting people to attend, Rasmussen claims that the USA is the “defender of democracy” against oppression and then immediately cited Belarus, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan as places where ‘democracy is under threat.” Rasmussen played his role of piper of the NATO propagandists to the end and the clearly scripted and small audience in attendance dutifully played along.

At the opening of the conference Rasmussen once again claimed that the US led the “democracies against “authoritarianism “ without defining what the latter word means. What government is not an authority? What government does not have laws and mechanisms of government that the citizens are to follow and obey? Is the American police state, the state in which 3 people are killed by the police every day not an “authoritarian state” a state in which only two parties, with almost no difference between them, are allowed to vie for power, and in which the media are completely controlled by the secret services and their link to the corporate powers that control the government, not “authoritarian”?

And are not the socialist democracies of China, of Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, and the capitalist democracies of Russia and other nations unwilling to bend to the will of the USA also democracies? Of course they are and the socialist democracies provide the people with more ability to have a say in government decisions than our parliamentary style democracies.


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