From UNESCO Study 11 to UNESCO 2050: Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan to Reimagine Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution


06-06-21 10:07:00,

I recently visited former Senior Policy Advisor to the US Office of Educational Research and Improvement, Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, who gave me access to her archive of files that she collected from the US Department of Education. After digging through a collection of files collated by Lawrence P. Grayson, who was the Advisor for Mathematics, Science and Technology at America’s National Institute of Education (NIE), I discovered that the Department of Ed’s Project BEST (Basic Education Skills through Technology), which Iserbyt leaked in 1981, was actually the USA’s domestic version of an international technology initiative spearheaded by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). 

While stationed at the NIE, Grayson was also the US Department of Ed’s liaison with UNESCO’s educational technology programs, including “Study 11: New Technologies in Education”, which he procured for Iserbyt in a bundle of interrelated memorandums and journals. Labeled as the “Grayson File,” this folder compiled the following documents: 

  • UNESCO Study 11 whitepapers that issue ed-tech directives to a region of 14 nation states grouping together communist, socialist, and capitalist countries; 
  • US Department of Ed memorandums which stipulate American collaboration with Study 11 and other UNESCO technology programs; 
  • Law journals that call for restructuring legal systems in order to globalize the computerized “information technology” (IT) revolution necessary to streamline international ed-tech markets; 
  • Academic journals containing ed-tech promotionals from Project BEST contractors and UNESCO Study 11 representatives published alongside commercial advertisements and order forms for Project BEST courseware and other e-learning products being sold by the very same companies, including Microsoft, Apple, and IBM, that are endorsed in the UNESCO Study 11 whitepapers. 

This compilation of “Grayson File” documents shows that UNESCO’s Study 11 was carried out through international public-private partnerships between communist, socialist, and capitalist countries coordinating efforts between multinational telecommunications and computer corporations. Working in concert with academic institutions and national government agencies, Study 11 affiliates lobbied to restructure laws in order to globalize school systems through proto-internet technologies manufactured by Big Tech companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Apple, which are now steering the Fourth Industrial Revolution into a new political system of communitarian technocracy driven by a new economic system of “stakeholder capitalism” through “community-based” public-private partnerships that are managed by Big Data.

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