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07-06-21 09:15:00,

Denis says:

I know virus sized transistors were mentioned merely as one option but learning more about our metabolism, intertwining and or avoiding exogenous instructions with our DNA/RNA is very important for them. Especially in the context of ageing reversal/prevention. They are presenting this as a solution and they probably do test if this mRNA, viral vectors etc can be successfully used as a vaccine, but in reality their ‘understanding’ is mostly based on bunch of hypothesis and guess work.

IMO one of the main motives of investors and scientist is opportunity to accelerate R&D and to test on as many subjects as possible. Who knows if everyone indeed gets the same vaccine. It’s not like we can check what’s happening behind the curtain.

One of crucial aspects of our metabolism that’s barely understood is protein folding. This for example enables them to test how well is 3D shape of a protein preserved when they synthetically introduce RNA code via lipid nano particles, modified viruses etc and check which factors (Eg vectors, type of infected cells, vacc ingredients, storage temperature etc) might influence/impact (mis)folding. OTOH maybe I’m overthinking this.

As James pointed out there are different groups of people and people among the elite. Some are maybe more interested in this for science and transhumanist dreams, others maybe just want to sterilize good chunk of population.

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