Erasmus Medical Center a terrorist stronghold? Robert Gorter, MD, PhD


08-06-21 12:21:00,

Erasmus Medical Center a terrorist stronghold?

“Researchers from Erasmus MC have succeeded in creating a superfluous variant of the bird flu virus. So dangerous that is considered not to publish the results.”


Rients Hofstra en Robert Gorter, MD, PhD.

June 1st, 2021


Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC) based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, affiliated with Erasmus University and home to its faculty of medicine, is the “largest and one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe.” Furthermore, the hospital is the largest of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands, both in terms of turnover and number of beds. The Erasmus MC ranks #1 of the top European institution in clinical medicine and #20 in the world according to the Times Higher Education rankings.

If this is true what they created in their laboratories (under the responsibility of Marion Koopmans who is closely linked to the Chinese Communist Party and the military laboratory in Wuhan) are they completely separate from God? In that case, the answer is a resounding and definite YES!

marion koopman

Marion Koopmans

What drives people to experiment with extremely deadly viruses? Wuhan is the city where a laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is working and experimenting with life-threatening viruses (Gain-of-Function). This has been done for several years in a BSL4 laboratory of the IPH. BSL4 is a designation for a biological lab of the highest safety level (category 4), intended for research into and with the most dangerous viruses and bacteria on earth. Such a lab is by definition designed for dual-use; that is to say suitable for civil applications, but also for making biological weapons (Gain-of-Function). Can anyone understand civil applications conscientiously?

The new coronavirus Covid-19 could have accidentally escaped from the IPH in Wuhan, as happened in 2004 with a SARS virus from a laboratory in Beijing.

The Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant reported that Erasmus MC researchers have succeeded in creating a super-lethal variant of the bird flu virus just mentioned. Ron Fouchier, professor of virology at Erasmus MC,

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