Erfurt’s Public Prosecutor’s Office Does Not Even Come to a Halt for Bundestag Candidates: Eight Simultaneous House Searches on Account of Sensationalist Court Ruling – 2020 NEWS


02-07-21 08:32:00,

Today, at least eight house searches took place almost simultaneously. The official reason being the accusations against the Weimar judge Christian Dettmar of bending the law. He had passed the sensational court ruling on child welfare. The police took possession of the original court file. Also affected by the raids are the Bundestag candidates of the party dieBasis Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer and Ulrich Masuth.

As 2020News has learned, the homes and/or offices of Judge Christian Dettmar, Judge Matthias Guericke, the children’s guardian ad litem, the mother of the children in question, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer, Prof. Dr. Christian Kuhbandner, Prof. Dr. Ines Kappstein and Uli Masuth were searched today, their cell phones and computers confiscated, as well as various documents.

The accusation of an alleged bending of the law by Judge Dettmar is legally on extremely shaky ground. Judge Dettmar had made the decision that became known as the “sensationalist ruling”. This decision banned two Weimar schools from imposing masking, social distancing and testing in order to avert a (further) threat to the welfare of children. The Federal Administrative Court recently ruled in a case of the same nature that legal recourse is open to the family courts in this matter, so that Judge Dettmar was right to consider himself competent. The court is of the opinion, however, that it was inadmissible for the judge to carry out the examination of endangerment of the children’s welfare because his resulting judicial order was directed toward an official authority. The Federal Administrative Court’s decision, however, conflicts with prior case law that had held that instructions to governmental entities in the health care system were covered by § 1666 of the German Civil Code. The special protection under which children are subject in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which has been binding in Germany since July 15, 2021, (suggested correction from translator: July 15, 2010) is embodied in the general view in the special review and regulatory competence of family judges under Section §1666 of the German Civil Code. If one were to deny a duty to examine here, children in state run public schools would be in an unjust position compared to those in private schools. Children in public schools would have to defend themselves in prolonged administrative court disputes against dangerous conditions in their schools.

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