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~ Audio and video publish on Thursday June 8th at 6:00 PM CT ~

“Whenever we seek to avoid the responsibility for our own behavior, we do so by attempting to give that responsibility to some other individual or organization or entity. But this means we then give away our power to that entity.” ~ M. Scott Peck

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This coming week, we publish our 2nd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up with Part I of News Trends & Stories. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell will join me to review the 10 top stories in the first two categories: Economy & Financial Markets; and Geopolitics.

We will examine how the Going Direct Reset is evolving as we look at the most important events from last quarter in the US and the rest of the world. The tension between those who wish to centralize control versus billions of people who do not want their businesses and freedoms destroyed is reaching explosive levels.

Economy & Financial Markets:

Story #1: Going Direct Reset: The Financial Coup Consolidates with a Re-engineering of Governance
Story #2: Going Direct Reset: The Debt Spiral & Inflation
Story #3: Rollerball: Reinventing the Corporate Model
Story #4: Crypto and Blockchain: Climate Change & ESG Used to Force Retail on the Electrical Grid
Story #5: Going Direct Reset: Engineering Financial Digital Control with Health Mandates and Passports


Story #6: Crossing the Wall: Central Banks Take over the Treasuries & Fiscal Policy
Story #7: Are G7 Central Banks Asserting Control of Treasuries and Election Processes Before Moving to Authorize Legislation for CBDCs?
Story #8: The G-7 Friction: Globalizing Taxation without Representation
Story #9: The Great Poisoning Accelerates
Story #10: The Multipolar World Emerges

As you listen, check out the News Trends & Stories section of the 2nd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up web presentation, which includes our trends list, our choices for top news videos of the quarter, and our headlines for the top stories. The link will be in your subscriber links when Part I publishes on Thursday.

The following week, in News Trends & Stories, Part II,

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