Happy “Independence” Day: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


05-07-21 11:15:00,

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Today America celebrates its hard-fought victory in its fight to free itself from the rule of British monarchs so it could be ruled by US oligarchs.

Hollywood trained us to fear psychopathic killers prowling around in the dark so we won’t notice the psychopathic killers who rule our world in broad daylight.

We’ve been trained to fear the serial killer covered in blood and wielding a chainsaw so we won’t notice the serial killer wearing a suit and wielding a pen.

The fucking ocean caught fire and they just bombed Iraq and Syria and they’re killing kids in Yemen and ramping up nuclear escalations against Russia and China, and Facebook is warning users that it’s those who criticize this system who are the dangerous extremists.

Step 1: Train the public to only accept “reputable sources” like the New York Times, WaPo, CNN etc and to dismiss indie media as Russian propaganda.

Step 2: Make sure the “reputable sources” don’t cover stories that are inconvenient for the powerful, leaving only indie media to report on them.

This new trend of complete mass media blackouts on inconvenient stories is a problem for many reasons, among them the fact that it’s just so hard to fight. How do you deal with all mass media outlets collaborating in unison to black out important stories?

It’s important to understand that the imperial propagandists don’t just tell us what to think; they also train us how to think. Feeding us bad information is only half their job; the other half is shaping the cognitive frameworks by which we form opinions about that information.

This is why the mass media have “opinion” segments as well as “news” segments. They’re not there in case you were curious what Johnny McThinktank’s opinions are on the issue of the day (they know you weren’t), they’re to model the acceptable parameters of thinking on that issue. And the acceptable parameters of thinking will always take it as a given that the mechanisms of oligarchy and empire mustn’t be interrupted or inconvenienced in any way.

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