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Clif High’s podcast about the Mantids has spurred a response from Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, who interpret Clif’s statements from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophic Cosmology, as both are adepts and are retired teachers/administrators of Waldorf schools.

This strange topic and mantid/locust imagery seems like an unlikely entrée for enlightenment but hang on. According to esoteric cosmology, the Mineral, Plant and Animal Kingdoms are all enfolded within the Human Being. Douglas suggests that the “Mantids” Clif High described were an archetypal insectoid aspect of Consciousness within his own being.

Douglas says, “Rudolf Steiner provides a wonderful cosmology and shows how these insect people literally do exist and where they exist and what our relationship with them is. So to call them ‘mantids’ or ‘praying mantises’ – basically, [Clif has] gone into kind of a Sci-Fi realm…

“[Clif] believes these insect people, the Mantids created Communism. Well, there’s a reason for that and once you can see and justify the reality of a cosmology that encompasses all of that, then you can actually have a fuller explanation of it…If you are not into the esoteric, this may go right over your head…

“I recently wrote an article to explain this and the introduction to it is enough to make your hair stand on end and when you get down to what Rudolf Steiner says about it, it’s a little bit shocking.”

Tyla adds, “Yes, Douglas loves to write the article before he does the video so we have this really good article it’s entitled, ‘The Locust People and the Devolution of Humanity’ and it’s on our site, The reason I say that is, many times our videos get separated from our written material and it’s important, I think that you go in and read what Douglas has written and the quotes that he’s pulled from Rudolf Steiner, which are shocking but let me read a little bit how Douglas gets started with this article:

Sub-humans are attempting to devolve humanity into the animal kingdom, specifically the spirit-less, soul-less insect kingdom. Only by awakening to this battle plan can the war be won.

It takes a great stride of humanity to see this evil because humans do not “think” this way and generally cannot conceive of such evil being created by other humans.

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