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The latest film by Dr Steven Greer, ‘Cosmic Hoax’ was released on July 4th and it’s a must-see important document, with unprecedented interviews and testimonies, never-before-seen footage and still images that are put together so well, it is a pleasure to watch. It delves back into the airships of the 19th Century and brings us to the current fake alien invasion being staged by the likes of Christopher Mellon and Luis Elizondo.

Constitutional attorney and longtime Disclosure Project associate, Daniel Sheehan believes that the official ET narrative is controlled by an extra-judicial, extra-governmental group. He says, “There’s some other structure. I happen to be persuaded by the evidence that that immediately after Roswell, when they recovered a craft and bodies from the from the UFO vehicle, that the Truman administration set up a body that was outside of the normal Constitutional framework of our United States Government and it was made up of major elite people that they they view as the ‘real power elite.’”

Greer muses, “It’s sort of a shadow government within the government, not just in the United States but all around the world and and the kind of power they have, both financially technologically and the means of projecting power, militarily is much greater than anything that the conventional military or the conventional government or the President of the United States has. Eisenhower knew it and by the time he left office was very upset about it.”

Greer continues, “One of the difficult things of the last six months was that I learned that the same group that had been feeding false information to the public through TTSA [To The Stars Academy] had their counterparts that had been going into the President’s Office, providing some information – but a lot of disinformation.”

Greer says something here I’ve never heard before: that ENTIRE Alien Abduction Phenomenon is conducted by this secret military. Same for animal (and later, human) mutilations. In other words, ALL reported alien abductions and animal mutilations have actually been done by humans and that the purpose of this is to stoke fear and loathing of the aliens, which is also what the latest UAP propaganda push is intended to do.

He says, the UFO card has always been the ‘Last Card’ in this Globalist takeover.

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