Eriksen’s cardiac arrest: “No comment”


08-07-21 07:59:00, Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen had a sudden cardiac arrest while playing against Finland (video)

Published: July 7, 2021 (upd.)
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On June 12, Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen had a sudden cardiac arrest and almost died while playing against Finland, sparking questions if he got vaccinated prior to the European championship. To this day, neither Eriksen nor his doctors have confirmed or denied his vaccination.

A German investigative journalist has now directly asked the Danish Football Association about Eriksen’s covid vaccination status. After some attempts to dodge the question, the press officer gave the following answer: “Hi Jens, We have no comments on players vaccinations as it’s a private issue. You can quote me on that. I have no further comments to you.. Bh Høyer.”

(Specifically, the press officer even refused to confirm that Eriksen was not vaccinated.)

Meanwhile, two recently vaccinated cricket players also collapsed while playing, while a former Uruguayan soccer player died of cardiac arrest shortly after vaccination at age 48, as did, apparently, several teenage athletes in the US. The US CDC recently confirmed that mRNA covid vaccines increase the risk of heart muscle inflammation, especially in young males.

Large-scale vaccination of people at low risk of severe covid may not have been a good idea. In particular, vaccinating athletes prior to tournaments may not be a good idea, as unrecognized heart muscle inflammation (myocarditis) is a major cause of sudden cardiac arrest in athletes.

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It has sometimes been argued that vaccination against covid may prevent “long covid” or multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in children and young adults; however, new reports from Israel and the US indicate that, to the contrary, covid vaccines may themselves cause MIS as well as “long covid”-like conditions, often lasting for months or possibly even longer.

The following three-minute video,

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