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09-07-21 11:02:00,

They caught us on the hop 

Years they’ve planned World Domination 

To subjugate the Peoples 

Abolish every nation 

‘Rules-based Order’ just a wheeze 

To skirt the Law, International 

Putin’s wise to it, so is Xi 

A doctored Order, counterfactual. 

New World set-up, Global Gov. 

Is that the occult plot? 

Supra-National bodies set the course 

Any choice, we have not got 

Mix the cultures, sow division 

Weaken institutions 

Abolish history, burn the books 

Spread fear and destitution 

‘It’ll be good-for-you’ assurances 

Self-appointed Philosopher Kings 

Would turn us into dispossessed 

Where we rent all the things 

‘You’ll own nothing and be happy’ 

That’s code for lost consent 

You’ll have no rights 

And woe betide 

Any expressions of dissent 

Surveillance state, Panopticon 

Green future’s cold and Soylent 

Brave New 1984 in play 

Life as lifeless entertainment 

Comedy villains strut the stage 

Schwab, Fauci, Gates et al 

But are they just the front-men 

Convenient for a fall? 

Klaus is Dr Evil, 

Fauci’s mini-me-a* 

Gates’ software’s virus prone 

So that’s where he got the idea … (sorry!) 

To get us in an Arms race 

Annual virus needs fresh meds 

Roll up Sleeves, you’re a buggy OS 

To patch at great expense 

Yet, All the world’s a theatre 

Writers, directors keeping mum 

Silent Players of the Great Game 

Stealthily hope to overcome 


Trump’s patriots spoiled their chances 

Plumbed the depths of swamp 

Caused Globalists to rush their fences 

Populists catching up 

They took us by surprise 

The battle’s not yet won and lost 

The victory’s worth the having 

We must make it worth the cost 

So when we’ve won 

We must reflect 

On how they got so strong 

Every principle we compromised 

We helped them right along 

Clean up your room,

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