Sunday Funny Pages: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


11-07-21 02:59:00,

Hey kids! Got some fun and relatable comic strips for you to share on social media:


Garfield knows what’s up:

Marmaduke dropping truth bombs, as usual:


This is pretty insightful. Whoever does the Dilbert comic should consider getting into political commentary:

I’d honestly never noticed Family Circus has such biting social commentary:


Man I forgot how high-brow this comic was:

Listen to a reading of this article:

BREAKING: Sources report violent right-wing extremists have seized the US Capitol, established a globe-spanning empire, and murdered millions of people.

Think tank name translation guide:

Foreign = War
Policy = Crimes
Democracy = Neoliberalism
Strategic = Murderous
International/Global = Imperialist
Relations = Domination
American = Oligarchic
Research = Indoctrination
Institution/Institute/Council/Center/Foundation/House = Propaganda Firm

Me, an idiot: It’s disturbing how government-tied Silicon Valley oligarchs exert so much control over people’s access to free speech.

You, a genius: It’s not a free speech issue because you can still take your opinions down to Ye Olde Printing Presse and distribute them manually on horseback.

We haven’t talked enough about how the US military not only lied for twenty years about their stated goals in Afghanistan nearly being accomplished, but it turns out they were also lying about doing anything during that time that could possibly have led to their stated goals being accomplished.

Seeing the “Afghan government” just melting under the Taliban after the US pretended to spend twenty years building it up is like paying someone billions of dollars to build a palace and then after twenty years checking it out and realizing the whole thing is a stage play set made of cardboard.

A military which can afford to spend trillions on a twenty-year war which accomplished literally nothing besides making horrible people wealthy is a military that needs its budget slashed to ribbons.

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