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12-07-21 05:10:00,

This modern video was posted on BitChute at the end of May, 2021. The claim that this obvious conspiracy theory video was made in 1930 is false.

The unknown creator(s) of this video tried to make it difficult to find the possible sources for the video material. Video is of low quality and recorded from an angle. However, it is not difficult to establish that the video is actually modern propaganda. It could be also a modern parody, but I doubt that.

There are several issues:

  • Music. It is from Betty Boop in Snow-White, 1933: St. James Infirmary Blues performed by Cab Calloway. Paramount Pictures bought the rights for this music just like they would do with modern movies. This music was not used in any other movie made in USA probably before late 1980s because the copyright is valid for 50 years.
  • The term “weaponized influenza” is fairly new, it wasn’t used before late 1950s. See the tweet below

Merriam Webster and the OED list the first known use of the word “weaponize” and “weaponized” as 1957, it’s a relatively new word.

— Chris 🇵🇸 Evans’ #FreePalestine Beard (@EvansBeard) June 29, 2021

  • There is mesh warping on the radio which requires computer animation. See the tweet below:

100% not from 1930s but rather this millennium. I spot mesh warping on that radio (which requires a computer), and repeated animations that change size (which would be difficult on cels, but easy with a computer).

— Stellarity the Poochyena (@KupferudelWolf) June 29, 2021

  • Many people have noticed other technical details in the animation itself that indicate this is a modern video
  • Odd spelling error: “Euthaize”

Rating: A for effort, and F for fake.

Updates 3-Jul-2021

Thanks to @fakehistoryhunt and many others, there are some new findings:

The font appears to be modern:

Found them! They’re distorted and fuzzy in the video, of course.

— bibliospork 💖💜💙 (@BiblioSpork) July 2, 2021

According to Fred C. Dobbs, the animation of the devil is rotoscoped and slightly modified from a 1934 Betty Boop Cartoon called RED HOT MAMMA.

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