Cuba, Space Billionaires, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix


12-07-21 04:33:00,

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Many leftists shy away from speaking out against western imperialism because they see international dynamics as too complex, when really it’s the least complex part of the capitalist empire. The world’s largest power structure murders human beings to exert control. See? Very simple.

If you understand that police brutality is a problem or that oligarchs are robbing the working class, then the idea that they’re also holding together a globe-spanning empire using nonstop mass murder should be super easy. Only propaganda spins it as more complicated than that. Once you see how simple it is, how profoundly evil it is, and how all the other abuses of the empire depend on it, you understand that opposing the war machine of the US-centralized power alliance should be the very foremost priority of any leftist. It is the head of the beast.

US interventionism is literally always disastrous and literally never accomplishes what its proponents claim it will, yet any time there’s any strife anywhere in the world you get Americans saying “We’ve got to DO something!”

Why no. No you do not. Please, please please don’t.

The US government is waging wars around the world, circling the planet with military bases, ramping up nuclear standoffs and working to destroy any nation which disobeys it, so naturally the news media are urgently warning us about the horrible tyrannical government of Cuba.

Yes the US has been deliberately strangling Cuba with the goal of fomenting unrest. Yes it has been attempting regime change ops in Cuba up to and including invasions and hundreds of assassination attempts. No you may not blame the US for unrest in Cuba, you goddamn tankie freak.

If you try to connect unrest in Cuba with the USA’s extensive history of interventionism there, people yell at you for denying the Cuban people’s “agency”. Agency, agency, agency, agency. They’ll factor in all sorts of agency except the Central Intelligence kind.

It’s wild how the US has an intelligence agency whose actual job is causing instability and unrest in nations who disobey the its dictates, and it has a very extensive and well-documented history of doing so,

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