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12-07-21 04:03:00,

This is a game-changing, blockbuster video conference between Dr David E Martin and Reiner Fuellmich and legal, medical and business experts in Germany.

David makes a tight case, backed by mountainous evidence that COVID-19 wasn’t a lab leak. It is a (mostly) US bioweapon, as is the so-called vaccine.

Everything David says can be used in a court of law and is backed by over 20 years of research and FOIA documents, including Anthony Fauci’s recently-released emails. David does not speculate about anything. He doesn’t get into whether this is a genocidal campaign, because he doesn’t have the documents to definitively prove that. What he can prove is that COVID-19 is a greed-driven scam and an medical grift more than 20 years in the making.

David begins by telling Reiner that his team has reviewed the over 4,000 patents pertaining to the SARS coronavirus and done a comprehensive analysis of the financing of all of the manipulations which gave rise to SARS as a subclade of the Beta Coronavirus family.

David’s team took the reported gene sequence of the so-called “novel” coronavirus, as indicated by the ICTV (the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses of the World Health Organization) and compared this gene sequence with those in the patent records as of early 2020 and what they found were over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel coronavirus was “entirely a fallacy.”

David says, “There was no novel coronavirus. There are countless very subtle modifications of coronavirus sequences that have been uploaded. But there was no single identified novel coronavirus, at all. As a matter of fact, we found records in the patent records of sequences attributed to novelty going to patents that were sought as early as 1999. So, not only was this not a novel anything…it’s not been novel for over two decades.”

David then takes us on a short journey through the patent landscape.

“The first vaccine ever patented for coronavirus was actually sought by Pfizer…which was specifically this S spike protein – so the exact same thing that allegedly we have rushed into invention – the first application was filed on January 28, 2000, twenty-one years ago.

“So the idea that we stumbled on the way to ‘intervene’ on vaccines is not only ludicrous it is incredulous,

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