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14-07-21 01:16:00,

YouTuber, Mr Reagan elaborates on the work of Darren Beattie at Revolver.News in uncovering that Stewart Rhodes, the founder of the main militia group being charged with orchestrating the 1/6 Capitol Riot is an FBI operative, which explains why he, himself has not been charged.

Further, it appears that the Oath Keepers group was founded by Rhodes for the purpose of entrapping right wing extremists on behalf of the FBI, much in the same way that the FBI has planned terror attacks and set-up Islamic extremists over the past 20 years.

In other words, the FBI staged 1/6.

Mr Reagan says, “Now, the thing about Stewart Rhodes that is particularly disturbing is that it’s Rhodes that appears to have encouraged his members to storm the Capitol and using incendiary rhetoric, implied that that they should take some drastic action against politicians in Washington, DC.

“And so a lot of the claims coming out of the FBI and out of the media is predicated on things that Rhodes said, rhetoric that he was likely instructed by the FBI to use to agitate members of his organization. They’re creating the illusion of crimes. The Revolver article details one particularly egregious case, a guy by the name of George Tanios, who was arrested and charged with 9 counts, because he had bear spray in his backpack that he never used.

“At one point on January 6th, Tanio’s friend, Julian Cotter reached into the backpack to grab the bear spray and Tanios said, ‘Hold on, not yet.’

“Now, keep in mind that this bear spray was never used. So, who knows what Tanios meant by that. Probably ‘Hold on, net yet. I brought that in case something really dangerous went down, then I could use it in self-defense.’ That’s probably what he meant. And yet, his words, ‘Hold on, not yet’ are being used as evidence to suggest he’s a dangerous extremist who planned on using bear spray to viciously attack people. Bear spray. A non-lethal defense spray, used specifically to avoid permanently hurting someone. What a monster.

“The FBI is clearly distorting events to paint a picture that is entirely fictional. They’re locking up innocent Americans in order to craft a narrative. But clearly, the most important revelation to come out of these two Revolver stories is that it appears that it was the FBI,

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