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15-07-21 07:58:00,

Clif High joins Greg Hunter on USAWatchdog with solid analysis about the looming hyperinflation, zombie apocalypse, Holodomor 2.0, the impending stock market crash and the potential closing of the market for a matter of time and the future of cryptocurrencies.


He begins with his personal advice about how to deal with Joe Biden’s vaccination strike force teams when they show up at our doors. He suggests that we not be afraid but instead, to take the opportunity to be friendly and to red-pill the door knockers and collapse this wannabe totalitarian effort from within by overwhelming these untrained volunteers with the truth. This is an information war and this is how to win.

For example, we could share the data points that have informed our decision to avoid the jab, like the CDC’s own report, last week of over 9,000 Americans dead and over 430,000 adverse events reported to VAERS as of July 8th. This is many more deaths than all previous vaccines combined and these numbers could in reality be much, much higher, according to a 2011 Harvard University study that revealed that cases reported to VAERS may account for less than 1% of actual cases. There’s also the nearly 18,000 dead and nearly 1.7 million officially reported injured on Europe’s EudraVigilance system and double those numbers in Asia and Africa.

If this fails, you can always call 911 to report any trespassing strike forcers that refuse to leave and if your police are “woke”, you can still insist on pressing charges.


But I digress, because the main message has to do with with the impending zombie apocalypse, engineered famine and economic crisis accompanying the collapse and hyperinflation of the US dollar, which Clif says will begin in earnest in late September and October.

We are looking at the imminent collapse of the federal economy. He says government accounting software is full of built-in limitations, which will make budgeting and payments all but impossible, as the dollar hyperinflates. He says, “The Government will actually not be able to write checks, because the computers will refuse to print them…there are all kinds of – thousands of – constraints that are built-in to software that were figured at a time when there was a more rational,

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