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18-07-21 06:32:00,

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Undoubtedly, the Miami Cubans are happy and may have contributed to these Cuban protests. But in my view, this was an attempt – maybe the most ferocious one, in the 60+ years of Cuban revolution to “putsch” Cuba.

Why? For a number of reasons, two them:

Biden who campaigned saying he would consider the idea of renewing relations with Cuba, is under a lot of pressure from a lot of conservatives who voted for him because they hate Trump, not because they love Biden.

There will be Congressional elections next year and has an obligation towards the democrats who “elected” him. This is one way of showing that he is with the conservatives – i.e., the Miami Cubans, who voted for him.

Second, if one follows developments in Venezuela, in Caracas especially – there has been an explosion of violent gang crimes, in parallel with the Cuban protests. Fifth Columnists are well integrated in both countries.

The Biden people, or rather those behind Biden, those who direct Biden, wanted a double whammy – break the Maduro Government and take over Cuba. Especially since Trump “failed” in their eyes. With these two countries back in the US backyard, Washington thinks they are free – they have a green card – to advance in taking “back” all of Latin America. Venezuela and Cuba are indeed hindering blocks.

This will not happen.

Both countries’ leaders are well aware about what happens. Actually, President Maduro stood up and declared full solidarity with Cuba. Maduro also has the full support from Moscow and Beijing. – and of course, Cuba.

Losing this not so “soft coup” – violence and death – in both countries, may be the first big nail in Biden’s political coffin.

With Cuba’s 60-plus years of Revolution and Venezuela’s 20 years – they will not cave in to a Biden Administration, that hasn’t even managed to gather a majority of votes in the last election,

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