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On July 9 and 10, 2021, the World Economic Forum held its third Cyber Polygon exercise, an exercise designed to simulate a hacker attack with serious global consequences. Klaus Schwab and other players publicly place cyberattacks high on their list of serious threats – even before the coronavirus crisis. They speak, quite literally, of an impending “cyber pandemic.” Also striking is the involvement of Russia in Cyber Polygon. As in previous years, the Russian state-affiliated Sberbank is the host and initiator of the simulation.

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Ever since the simulation exercise Event 201, which acted out a global coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of decision-makers in October 2019, these exercises and “warnings” from the World Economic Forum (WEF) need to be taken extremely seriously. In his opening address at last year’s Cyber Polygon 2020 simulation, Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder and chairman, stressed that the coronavirus crisis would be only “a small disturbance” compared to a successful global cyberattack – and he may well be taken seriously.

Schwab described the dimensions of such a hacker attack, which, as a massive blackout, could dwarf any lockdown: Power plants would fail, the transportation system would collapse, hospitals would barely be able to operate – indeed, our entire global society would be paralyzed.

From July 9 to 10, this is exactly what was again rehearsed at Cyber Polygon 2021. Cyber Polygon is an annual IT security event organized under the umbrella of the WEF. However, it should be clear that when the WEF talks about “cybersecurity,” it means the security of corporations and, with some exceptions, government institutions. Nothing else.

The event, which was livestreamed, has two parallel elements. The first is an online conference where “senior officials from international organisations and leading corporations” make their statements and engage in debates on cybersecurity – but more on that later. In the second, Cyber Polygon is touted by the WEF as the “world’s largest technical training exercise for corporate teams.” Among the participants are mainly companies from the financial and IT sectors, but also food companies and universities.

Attack on digital and analog supply chains

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