Cuba Ground Zero for Criminal U.S. Regime-Change Operations


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July 16, 2021

© Photo: REUTERS/Alexandre Meneghini

American regime-change policy is not only destructive to the rest of the world – it attacks the fundamental rights of America’s own citizens

There is little doubt that the civil unrest to hit Cuba this week has been instigated by the United States using “color revolution” tactics for regime change.

The Cuban government accuses Washington of trying to destabilize the island nation located about 150 kilometers from the Florida coast. Other Latin American countries have also condemned foreign interference in Cuban internal affairs. The dynamic of social media traffic just prior to the eruption of street protests last weekend points to a sophisticated, concerted operation to amplify discord. American corporate media also quickly published fabricated images aimed at promoting popular revolt.

Russia concurred with Havana and other Latin American countries that the events in Cuba were straight out of the playbook used by the United States for fomenting “color revolution” as seen elsewhere in countless other nations across every continent. The strategic process targets governments that Washington disapproves of and wants rid of, thereby installing a puppet regime malleable to its geopolitical interests. Typically, the tactics involve inciting internal unrest, undermining the authority of the targeted government, and unleashing chaos out of which, it is calculated, a U.S.-backed administration gains power.

Needless to say, the policy of regime change is utterly criminal. Of course, Washington rarely admits to it, as seen in denials this week concerning Cuba. But U.S. regime change exists nonetheless. It is an unspoken presumed “droit de seigneur” for imperial power. Even though such an assault on countries is a gross violation of the United Nations Charter and international law forbidding transgression of national sovereignty. The United States stands alone as the biggest, most numerous offender for perpetrating regime change. Over the last century, literally, hundreds of nations have been violated – sometimes repeatedly – by Washington’s criminal machinations. Often the results are catastrophic for the indigenous populations, unleashing violence and economic misery at the expense of profiting American corporations and Wall Street. But even for American’s own interests, the results in the long term can be seen as self-defeating when taking into consideration transcontinental problems of mass migration,

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