France on the brink of becoming a totalitarian ‘health’ dictatorship: Prominent philosopher


20-07-21 03:12:00,

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PARIS, France, July 19, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A prominent French philosopher has denounced the recent move by the French government to  mandate COVID passports for many basic activities, warning that France is now entering an era of “totalitarian hygenism.”

Pierre Dulau, a philosopher and teacher of philosophy at the university of Strasbourg made the comments during a recent interview with the French news website “Aletia”, during which he also discussed his new book analyzing the impact of mask mandates on the social contract and the unique importance of the human face. 

Dulau’s book was co-authored by fellow philosopher and teacher of philosophy Martin Steffens and published on the April 29th, 2021.  

A summary of the book, which can be found on the French online bookshop “La Procure,” reads: 

A reflection on the face as a political organ and as the foundation of the social contract, at a time where that organ is being masked because of the sanitary crisis. Highlighting the importance of the human face in social relationships, the two authors reflect on the psychological consequences of the crisis, unveiling a strategy of resistance to the current atmosphere of negativity.

The book is part of a rising political and philosophical current which addresses and opposes the gradual development of what the authors of the book call a “hygienist society” and what some demonstrators at recent nationwide protests were calling a “sanitary dictatorship.”

During the interview Dulau first the issue of the mask mandates which, in France, have been imposed in public spaces both indoors and outdoors for almost a year. The mandate for wearing masks in outdoor spaces in France was lifted only a month ago.

Dulau began the interview with a much-needed reminder of the significance and importance of the human face:  

It’s important first of all to understand what a face is. The human face is both what shows our singularity and what makes us social beings at the same time. On the one hand it expresses what makes everyone irreplaceable and unique,

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