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20-07-21 03:12:00,

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you have posted your model and warned that we are entering a period where totalitarianism is the objective into 2032. Can you explain perhaps in more detail what that means?

Thank you for your courage in these times


ANSWER: While everyone is focused on COVID and arguing that there is no virus or that it is easily treated without vaccination, they are missing the real objective – our descent into a state of tyrannical psychosis that creates the totalitarian rule. The totalitarian state has a standard playbook. First, they need to create fear. This is then followed by terrorizing the people. Lastly, they will then seek power by offering solutions that require the surrender of all your rights for security. This is what Ben Franklin was really referring to.

We are told to social distance and to wear masks, but this not merely defies the scientific truth as the Washington Post reported on the studies from the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that masks were “useless” yet they have demanded we comply. Why? This is to prevent civil uprisings (resistance) against their goals. In France, they have set up roadblocks all to prevent protests – that is ruthless totalitarian tactics unfit for an elected democratic state. They set up roadblocks during World War II for the very same reason. This is Pavlov’s Dog. Training is achieved through isolation and conditioning.

I recommend reading, The Power of the Powerless by Vaclav Havel. He was a dissident who lived in Czechoslovakia under communist rule. In his youth, Havel had been denied various educational opportunities due to his family’s intellectual and bourgeois upbringing. Stalin feared intellectuals and even had Kondratieff executed because his cycle work warned that the communist state would collapse. So, Havel instead found himself writing internationally acclaimed plays. In spite of clear fears and frustrations, Havel was carving out a life for himself. It was this trend that caught on and people began to see the Communist state for what it truly was – tyranny not freedom nor parental state care.

You will not understand totalitarianism until you see it live. As I have said before,

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