From A Covid Junta To A Covid Apartheid: The Greek Example


21-07-21 03:50:00,

It used to be said that Greeks gave their lives for freedom, but now they are giving up their freedom for their lives.

(The picture above is of the EU’s Van Der Leyen and Mitsotakis announcing the Davos Great Reset Agenda for Greeks.)

After the partial retreat by the Mitsotakis government of its approach to Covid which was to crack heads open in plain sight by his praetorian guards (trained and psychologically prepared for the job at hand after decade of IMF austerity) which led to a mini rebellion, the Covid clowns that run Greece are back with a vengeance, instituting one of Europe’s first Covid apartheid regimes. From the 15th July once restaurants open on the inside alongside cinemas and theatres, a Covid passport will be required to gain access. Dividing society between the vaxxed and unvaxxed appears to be the ‘new normal’.

The ‘Chinese Virus’

In order to justify an extended Second Lockdown (November 2020-May 2021), the Mitsotakis government ramped up the deaths to around 10% of all deaths in a single year (around 13,000), thus almost matching Sweden despite having compulsory masks inside and out, travel permits and a whole host of other measures. This proves once and for all that nothing was gained in relation to Sweden.

If we now take it a step further, we see that China’s Covid deaths have remained below 4,000 since April 2020 for a country of 1.5 billion people whilst Greece’s are three times as many. So we are dealing with a ‘Chinese virus’ with almost zero deaths in China, but a runaway train in the capitalist West which begs the question, are the Chinese burying their Covid dead en masse without reporting them or is the West making the majority of figures up? Either way, it can’t be both a deadly Chinese virus which only effects non-Chinese people….and a non-deadly Chinese virus.

Are we dealing with an actual pandemic which saw global population actually rise in 2020 or with political-economic measures to wipe out a middle class which still isn’t 100% dependent on large global multinational chains? Since the Greek Lockdowns, overseas delivery and transport companies have either made a comeback (like Uber) or have set up shop (like Walt , similar to Uber eats).

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