Dr Greer Exposes the ‘Cosmic Hoax’


03-08-21 05:53:00,

Dr Steven Greer joins the Alex Jones Show to talk about his latest film, about the “ultimate false flag” UFO event that is evidently on tap for us in the near future. He says he was impelled to make this film, when he noticed that the Director of National Intelligence and minions, like Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon, Nick Pope and others were all consistently repeating “the same provable, damnable lies”, as he calls them. To whit:

Lie 1) “We don’t know what these objects are.” We do know what they are, he says. Some of them – a small percentage – are, indeed extraterrestrial. However, he says most of those shown in the media are actually OURS. They’re from Lockheed-Skunkworks, they’re from Northrup-Grumman. They’re made by contractors who are making these antigravity, free energy devices and they’re actually a bigger secret than alien UFOs, because this free energy technology could bring world peace, end poverty and fix the environment without “a bunch of cap ‘n trade, half-bandaid solutions.”

Lie 2) “We don’t have anything that can move this way.” Dr Greer then refers to footage of a classic triangle being aired by Jones’ producers, “This one you’re showing right now, it has nav lights on it. It’s a triangle, anti-grav, silent, made by Northrup-Grumman and we have known this for decades.”

He asks rhetorically, “‘So, are there actually ET craft? ‘Yes, much more rarely seen. They’re using these man-made ones to try to create Lie 3) “UFOs are a National Security Threat”.

Dr Greer says, “I’ll give your viewers a date: October 1954. That is when we mastered gravity control and began making man-made things that looked like UFOs.” This footage you’re showing now is from the Skunkworks, up in the High Desert of California.

He says the organization that’s controlling this information is transnational, one of the senior components to it is a US intelligence group, called “The Majority Intelligence Committee” or “Majic”.

Alex Jones says that brushing up against the occult is unavoidable, when researching this field and that there are stories of these people contacting off-world beings. They say they’re contacting angels and demons and he asks Dr Greer if he knows anything about this.

Dr Greer refers to a meeting he had with an official at the Vatican,

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