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I never expected Clif High to become bearer of hopium but he’s beginning to sound like some of the White Hat military-type of messages we were seeing just before the lockdowns began in February and March of 2020. He’s preparing us for imminent chaos and telling us to stay out of trouble and wanting us to know that everything is going to be OK.

Clif gives us an overview of what he thinks is about to happen, based on 24 years of his Web Bots scraping the internet for regions rich in posted language and processing these words through his Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (“ALTA”) program to arrive at his predictive linguistics. The premise is that humans are unconsciously psychic and they unknowingly speak in the present tense about future events which do come to pass, usually about 8-10 weeks before they occur, although some trends are longterm and can be seen decades in advance.


He says the Commies are terrified of the dual beach head that’s forming, with the audits on the one hand and the vaccine lawsuits and the collapse of the pandemic narrative on the other. He predicts that around August 14-15th, the Biden regime will make an announcement – such as mandatory vaccinations – that will cause people to go out into the streets in protest, which is the true purpose of the announcement, as he says the Bidenistas are planning a nationwide January 6th-type of event, using a large cast of federal agents and -assets, posing as “Trump supporters” (aka “White Supremacists”) to create a violent false flag event that would ultimately give them the narrative they need to confiscate all legally-registered guns.

The initial purpose of this draconian announcement will be to drive the news cycle. The results of the Arizona Audit are expected around that time and these will have the effect of delegitimizing the Biden regime, so they want to keep those findings out of the news. This, of course, points to how weak the Biden regime actually is and it’s a perfect example of Sun Tzu’s axiom to “Look strong when you are weak.”

Clif is convinced, after seeing enough evidence that Biden is not living in the White House and that he doesn’t actually control the entire government.

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