You Can Never Do Everything, But You Can Always Do Something


10-08-21 12:20:00,

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Whenever I talk about the fact that our world is ruled by psychopaths who have our species on a trajectory toward annihilation via climate collapse or nuclear war, I get people asking the very understandable question, “What can we do to stop this?” By which they generally mean something like, how can we collectively free our minds from the propaganda prison of manipulative dominators and use the power of our numbers to create a healthy world?

And the answer to this question is essentially, do what you can, where you can. You’re only one person, and the machine is so very powerful and so very deeply dug in, so all you can do is one person’s best in each moment. Seize every opportunity you can find to spread awareness and throw sand in the gears of the machine, and rest assured that you’ve done all you can.

By spread awareness I mean making any number of people aware of any amount of truth about what’s going on. Helping them to understand that we’ve been lied to since we were small children about the nature of our government, our society and our world, and that powerful people pour vast amounts of resources into manipulating the way we think, act and vote using the mass media. Make them aware of the misdeeds committed by our governments and institutions, and how power moves and operates nationally and on the world stage. Use any medium you can, from having conversations, to participating in demonstrations, to handing out flyers, to tweeting, to writing, to making podcasts and videos.

Consciousness And Dysfunction Cannot Coexist

The answer to the question “What can we do?” is spread awareness. Spread awareness outwardly in the world in whatever creative ways you can, and spread awareness inwardly to your own internal processes as well.

— Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ (@caitoz) July 26, 2021

By throw sand in the gears I mean, make it hard for them. Make it difficult for the machine to operate. When you see them cooking up a new narrative to manufacture consent for more sanctions or military interventionism,

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