President Pedro Castillo of Peru Comes Under Fire After Taking Office


12-08-21 11:14:00,

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Right-wing political interests within the Peruvian parliament backed by international finance capital have sought to besiege the newly elected socialist president of the South American state of Peru.

There was a tremendous struggle to win the right of the new president to take office since several challenges to the vote resulted in a delay in his inauguration.

The Free Peru Party which Castillo represents, along with its allies, holds approximately 50 seats within the national parliament. Their margin within the legislative body makes them a minority out of 130 members.

This party was founded by Vladimir Cerron, a regional politician who held office as governor of Junin.  Cerron remains Secretary General of the Free Peru Party while battling a criminal investigation which led to his conviction and incarceration.

Impeachment by the parliament is not a rare occurrence within P

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