Globalism, Propaganda and the Dangers of Wireless Radiation


16-08-21 12:52:00,

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Another guilty, Big Business-corrupted Government entity (this time the highly corrupted Federal Communications Commission [FCC]) is being ordered before a Federal Court for ignoring the well-established science that has  been warning about the serious dangers of wireless radiation.

Innately anti-democracy, globalist entities like Big Pharma, Big Food, Big Agriculture, Big Tech, Big Banking, Big Government, Big Media, Big Education, etc, etc, – working closely with the World Economic Forum/Klaus Schwab/Bill Gates/United Nations/World Health Organization, are all in this together.

Despite their cunningly manufactured, fine-tuned, outward appearance of every one of these smiley-faced multibillionaire-led globalist superpowers – when they buy off – and then own – their Big Media outlets, even once-trusted “nice guys” like PBS’s Judy Woodruff & Co, Amanpour & Co’s Christiane Amanpour start cheerleading/fronting for – and being simultaneously silenced by the evil Big Businesses/Tax-exempt globalist-elite foundations that they are all sponsored by.

The propaganda that they are obligated to broadcast has been working far-too-well in influencing and blinding the overly-propagandized, media-addicted populace who are lining up to demand to be inoculated with un-tested, dangerous vaccines/prescription drugs/ and toxic food/entertainment and electromagnetic radiation-emiting products – any of which could impair their health, immunity, fertility, longevity, etc.

Pay close attention to the following Environmental Health Trust expose from Lawrence Plumlee and plan some appropriate act of resistance.

I think everybody in this audience would agree that any sociopathic, non-human, corporate, globalist entity that engages in organized criminal behaviours deserves to face a massive boycott campaign – or at least in individual boycott.


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Dr Kohls practiced holistic mental health care in Duluth for the last decade of his family practice career prior to his retirement in 2008, primarily helping patients who had become addicted to cocktails of psychiatric drugs to safely go through the complex withdrawal process.

His column often deals with various unappreciated health issues, including those caused by Big Pharma’s over-drugging, Big Vaccine’s over-vaccinating, Big Medicine’s over-screening, over-diagnosing and over-treating agendas and Big Food’s malnourishing food industry.

He is a Research Associate of  the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG)

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