Diversity or Standards: You Can’t Have Both, by Jared Taylor


27-08-21 04:00:00,

And the white man has got to go.

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In America, you can have either diversity or you can have standards. You can’t have both. And since diversity – especially racial diversity – is our number-one goal, it’s standards that have to go. Consider crime.

To America’s everlasting shame, the police arrest blacks and Hispanics at high rates. Diversity tells us all groups are equal, and requires equal outcomes, so what’s going on? The theory used to be that the police are racist, but if it really turns out that some groups are breaking the law more often than others, we must ask if the laws are racist.

And that’s where diversity wins and standards lose. Blacks and Hispanics shoplift more than whites or Asians, but it was an insult to diversity that they were arrested more often for it. And so, ever since 2014, in California, stealing something worth less than $950 is a minor crime for which police won’t arrest you. You might get a ticket, which you can pay if you feel like it.

Before that, shoplifters worried about being caught. They either had to be sneaky or rush around, and that wasn’t fun. [[0:47 – 1:03]]

Things are different now. Here are broad-daylight thieves ransacking a store in Alameda, California. [[0:18 – 0:32]] They take their time and move over to the cosmetics shelves and then it’s out the door. [[1:24 – 1:45]]

Here is a guy on a bike, loading up in a San Francisco Walgreens while a security guy watches. He’s out the door and home free, too. [[0:03 – 0:19]]

Blacks, especially, refused to meet the standards that forbid shoplifting, so to heck with the standards. Now, there’s more shoplifting than ever. Since the new rules, Walgreens has closed 17 stores in San Francisco alone because of shoplifting. San Francisco now leads the country in property crime, including smash-and-grab theft from automobiles.

And it’s no surprise that U-Haul Prices for One-Way Moves Out of California Are Astronomical Right Now. As this article noted,

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