Pfizer/FDA: 95% Deception?


27-08-21 08:00:00, Full FDA approval? The Pfizer-Biontech covid vaccine

Published: August 26, 2021
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How the US FDA “fully approved” the Pfizer vaccine while still excluding product liability.

How can the US FDA “fully approve” the Pfizer covid vaccine without requiring product liability? As US biosafety expert Dr. Meryl Nass revealed, they simply split the Pfizer vaccine into two products: a branded product (“Comirnaty”), which received a full market license but is currently unavailable in the US (due to “insufficient stocks”); and an unbranded product (“Pfizer/Biontech vaccine”), which is widely available in the US but remains under the existing Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The result: they use the unavailable branded product to justify politically motivated vaccination mandates, but they may then deliver the unbranded product to avoid any liability for vaccine injuries (there is no liability under EUA, but there is full liability under a market license). It almost appears as though Pfizer and the FDA might be well aware of the incomplete and increasingly questionable safety and efficacy record of experimental covid vaccines.

As Dr. Nass notes, citizens pressured to take this vaccine against their will due to a federal, corporate or school mandate may demand to receive the (unavailable) branded product that comes with full liability in case of vaccine injury. To learn more about possible covid vaccine injuries, see the updated SPR Covid Vaccine Adverse Events overview. Globally, covid vaccines may already have killed or injured tens of thousands of people, including people at low risk of severe covid.

As a side note, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb happens to be a Pfizer board member.

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