This Is Harvard University Today, by Paul Craig Roberts


27-08-21 04:00:00,

Once upon a time when I was young, Harvard was a prestigious university where a determined student could get a good education.

But education was not the real attraction of the university. It was Harvard’s network that was valuable. Of course, to get in you had to have a network, that is, you had to be someone in addition to academic capability. Harvard was a place like Yale and Princeton for maintaining elite networks from which America’s political and business leaders arose, people some of whom were capable of putting the pubic interest ahead of their own.

Harvard was mainly reserved for the northeast prep school graduates and sons of alumni, but on occasion would take a promising applicant from the South, Midwest, and West Coast. Harvard was always interested in enlarging its network.

Jews were distrusted and kept away. It was the days of WASP rule. Harvard refused employment to Paul Samuelson, a Jew and the dean of American economists during the last half of the 20th century. Samuelson had to find employment at MIT.

But the WASPs, undermined by self-criticism, lost confidence and power. Harvard and the Ivy League came under Jewish domination, and now the Jews have lost power, and Harvard is dominated by black, feminist, and transgender interests. Harvard’s Jewish president, Larry Summers, was driven out of office by feminists, and now feminists are shoved aside by transgendered and blacks.

Harvard, which formerly produced American leaders, now produces crazy people filled with notions of their entitlement as “the oppressed.”

The old entitlement was different. They had entitlement to lead. The new entitlement is entitlement to denounce and accuse those who led.

Harvard, and the rest of the Ivy League, have gone from upholding and leading the country to denouncing the country and handing over leadership to those least capable. The decision has been made to elevate equity over merit. Thus, America is doomed.

This change doesn’t seem promising for Harvard’s future or for the country’s, but for the present time it is working for Harvard. Harvard’s graduates have convinced US corporations to be “woke” and to impose on their white employees racial and gender sensitivity training, to accept that racist whites should step aside for blacks and accept reverse discrimination,

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