Questions With New Reports That US Forces Gunned Down Civilians After Kabul Blast

questions-with-new-reports-that-us-forces-gunned-down-civilians-after-kabul blast

28-08-21 01:13:00,

Listen to a reading of this article:

A new BBC report shows eyewitnesses at the scene of the deadly Kabul airport explosion on Thursday saying that a significant number of the 170 Afghans killed in the attack actually died from gunfire by the US-led alliance in the chaos following the blast.

“Many we spoke to, including eyewitnesses, said significant numbers of those killed were shot dead by US forces in the panic after the blast,” the BBC’s Secunder Kermani said on Twitter.

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Here are some transcript excerpts courtesy of Moon of Alabama’s write-up on this new report:

The correspondent talks to the brother a London taxi driver who was in Kabul to fetch his family:

A: “Somehow I saw American soldiers, Turkish soldiers and the fire was coming from the bridges, from the towers.”
Q: “From the soldiers?”
A: “Yeah, from the soldiers.”

(Side note: Some of the towers around the airport were reportedly manned by members of the CIA’s Afghan death squads.)

Another witness:

Narrator: “Noor Mohamed had had been deployed alongside American forces.”

A man holding up an identity card of a friend talks about his death in English.

A: “The guy has served U.S. army for years. And the reason he lost his life – he wasn’t killed by Taliban, he wasn’t killed by ISIS, he was (unintelligible).”
Q: “How can you be sure?”
A: “Because of the bullet. The bullet went inside of his head. Right here.” (Points to the back of his head.) “He doesn’t have any (other) injury.”

The Pentagon did not respond to the BBC‘s request for comments.

“Most victims of #KabulAirportBlast were not killed by the blast but by bullets fired at them by the Americans.”

Faisal of Kabul Lovers channel interviewed aid workers at Emergency Hospital in #Kabul and this is what they have to say:

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