“Breaking the Code of Silence”, by Patrice Greanville


29-08-21 04:25:00,

The core explanation, as usual, went missing. The soldiers broke their code of silence, but the media kept its secrets.

On Sunday, Aug 29, 2021, the CBS network on its special Sunday edition aired a gripping and tragic segment, bearing images seldom seen on US tv screens. The clip was tersely summed up in this manner:

Three years ago members of Alpha Platoon did the unthinkable: they broke the “code of silence” and accused their Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher, a man they once revered, of war crimes in Iraq. Gallagher would be acquitted of killing a young ISIS prisoner, but the controversy over what happened in Mosul has not ended. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports.

Well, what happened in Mosul during that period may still be somewhat confusing, but there is no reason to believe there is still doubt about the broader vessel that contains that episode, the political origins of the US assault on Iraq, a key pin in the deliberately misnomered “War on Terror” —a series of wars of choice, many would say, “of terror”, all criminal acts of war worthy of Nuremberg—waged by the US empire in pursuit of total dominance of the Middle East and adjacent regions. Nor is there much fog left at this point surrounding the birth of ISIS itself, an entity born out of imprudent measures taken by American war managers, like Bush-appointed L. Paul Bremer, who cavalierly disbanded the Iraq army. Yea, by that simple ignorant act, the US set in motion the emergence of ISIS.

Like the Vietnam war a few decades ago, and the Korean War before it, and a multitude of other crimes of direct and indirect intervention costing millions of lives, the cynical war on Iraq was part and parcel of US imperialism’s m.o., substantially aggravated by the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991, when Washington’s elites began to think the US hegemon had become an invincible reality with no possible rival on the face of the planet, and “the end of history,” their cute code for the end of class struggle (so long announced by their court astrologists), was finally at hand. It is that reality, the ugly, utterly man-made, totally unnecessary US imperialist reality, fueled, as usual,

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