Is Turkey Replacing Washington in the Bloody Relay Race?


30-08-21 02:00:00,

Against the background of the US intention to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, thereby closing the bloody pages with the murder of thousands of civilians in these countries, unfortunately, similar sad reports keep coming from the region. Instead of condemning the US military personnel for such actions, the news agencies and media have recently been increasingly publishing articles denouncing similar actions of Turkish soldiers in the region.

Therefore, on August 24, the regional media reported the new air operation in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region with over 20 Turkish warplanes and drones. Zana Rahman, the mayor of Penjwen District, Sulaymaniyah, informed the media that Turkish drones had been striking agricultural areas for 20 minutes since 6:30. The Turkish side confirmed the troop attack and stated that 28 targets were hit in the Asos mountains range north of Penjwen during the aerial operation.

On August 17, Turkish fighter jets bombed a hospital in the Sikeniye village in the Yazidi inhabited area of Sinjar affiliated with the Yazidi Sinjar Resistance Units. Sikeniye is located on the southern side of the Sinjar mountain range. The airstrikes on the Sinjar mountains were carried out on two consecutive days: also, on August 16, an airstrike on the center of Sinjar killed the commander and a member of the Sinjar Resistance Units.  As for the bombing of a medical clinic in the village of Sikeniye, the airstrike killed eight people, according to Iraqi media reports. AFP news agency quoted its sources as saying that a total of three drone strikes were carried out, which destroyed the hospital building in Sikeniye and injured some people. The Iraqi leadership, for its part, condemned the actions of the Turkish Armed Forces, calling them a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

On August 19, regional media published scary footage of Turkey launching a massive strike on Syria. Many homes were destroyed, and dozens of people, including women and children, were injured or killed due to the shelling. The wounded were taken to hospitals in Al-Darbasiyah, Al Hasakah, and Amud.

According to the SANA news agency, Turkish forces fired more than 50 shells on homes and vital Syrian infrastructure earlier in the day. That act of Turkish aggression destroyed dozens of homes and a power station that supplied electricity to 23 villages between the towns of Tell Tamer and Abu Rasayn.

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