The American Descent Into Fascism, by Paul Craig Roberts


30-08-21 04:00:00,

This morning I posted “The Aggressive Stupidity of America’s business, educational, government, and military leaders is astounding.”

As it was astounding this morning, what do I call it this mid-afternoon when the stupidity of American leadership is already 10 times worse than it was this morning?

You are not going to believe this, but Chase Bank has canceled General Mike Flynn’s personal credit card, citing “possible reputational risk to our company.”

General Flynn is a three-star general. Few make it to this rank. He was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He played a key role in shaping American counterterrorism strategy and dismantling insurgent networks. General Flynn recognized that Obama’s policy toward Syria was a failure as the terrorists that the Obama narrative said the US opposed were the same people as the alleged “moderate democrats fighting the dictator Assad” that the Obama regime was supporting as the proxy army for the US invasion that was blocked by Russia. Consequently, the corrupt Obama regime forced him into retirement. In America top generals are not permitted to tell the truth any more than top scientists and top medical professionals. Honest journalists have long been eliminated. Physicists living on government grants and engineering firms working on government contracts can say nothing about 9/11. They all know that the official narrative is a total lie, but they cannot say so.

The CIA, which was arming and training the terrorists described as democrats that Obama was unleashing on Syria, sicced its assets in journalism on Flynn, creating a negative impression of him.

When President Trump appointed Flynn National Security Adviser, it sent fear throughout the corrupt American establishment. Here was a man in a powerful position that knew where all the bodies were buried. Instantly, the deep state went to work to get rid of him. Corrupt FBI Director Comey laid a perjury trap to deceive Flynn into a lie and then coerced him with threats to charge his son with a crime unless the General made a guilty plea to a nonsense charge. For the first time in history, the US National Security Adviser was not supposed to talk to a Russian. Tell that to Brzezinski and Kissinger.

General Flynn should reply to Chase by saying that he is much relieved to no longer be associated with a collection of gangsters who recently had to pay a $920,000,000 fine for manipulating the precious metals and US Treasury markets.

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