Call to all physicians: take responsibility! (by Dr. Thomas Sarnes)



Call to all physicians: take responsibility! (by Dr. Thomas Sarnes)

31.08.2021 |

Former senior resident physician Dr. Thomas Sarnes summarizes the current state of the corona crisis as follows: “The world is increasingly coming to rest. Sanity and knowledge seem to be regaining the upper hand. Only here in Europe, especially in Germany, everyone is still out of their minds.” He turns to his fellow physicians and says that the “German and international medical profession has allowed the high art of its profession to be taken out of its hands by politicians and bogus scientists” and has been “led around by the nose” by politicians. Deep down, however, physicians know that they have been lied to on the Corona issue. Dr. Sarnes therefore calls his colleagues into responsibility, because in the resolution of the situation the decisive role falls to them! Dr. Thomas Sarnes Surgeon, 40 years of clinical practice, including 22 years as senior resident physician. Additional training in infectiology and tropical medicine. “Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues! My name is Thomas Sarnes, I hold a doctorate in medicine, am a surgeon by specialty, in multiple specialties, an orthopedic surgeon, an emergency physician, and have received additional training in infectious and tropical medicine in preparation for an extended assignment in Vietnam. After 40 years of clinical service, including 22 years as senior resident MD, I retired in December 2019. I imagined that this time following my active, intensive professional life would be much different than it has now become in reality. I belong to the generation of physicians who, in addition to their parents, above all revere their medical teachers. I don’t want to judge here in detail about the last 15 months, but in my eyes we have been lied to and deep inside at least all doctors know that. Indication was for me that we were told, believe no one, but only me: “If someone tells you that he is a doctor, believe nothing from him”, said Drosten at that time. Or: “Please do what we tell you, don’t ask and don’t think, but do what we say,” Wieler said at the time. For a physician, it is incomprehensible that it was virtually forbidden to examine the deceased, that one of the greatest achievements of occidental medicine, the examination of the dead and the clarification of the reason for death,

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