Iran: an Unexpected and Pleasant Gift from the US


31-08-21 05:59:00,

On the sidelines of the Ayatollahs in Tehran, there is a sharply elevated mood turning to euphoria. Iran’s recently elected President Ebrahim Raisi cheerfully celebrated the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan and the apparent helplessness and fundamental inability of the United States to leave the country unhindered after 20 years. These events have set in motion a process that will most likely lead to the strengthening and enforcing of the Islamic Republic’s policy in the country and on other fronts in the entire Middle East.

American leaders have found nothing better to do than foolishly accuse Iran of supporting the Taliban against their armed forces in Afghanistan. Although Joe Biden’s administration announced the withdrawal earlier this year, what happened within a couple of days was not what they had in mind or wanted. But in this case, as they say, the American Akela missed the mark! “America’s military defeat and withdrawal should be an opportunity to restore life, security, and lasting peace in Afghanistan,” Ebrahim Raisi said.

For more than 20 years US troops stayed in Afghanistan, for more than 20 years Washington rulers designed their policy in this complex Asian country. Yet, because of their miscalculations, they have not understood anything and did not do anything. The relationship between Iran and the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) has been complex and challenging for many years. The Shiite Muslim country shares a 560-mile border with predominantly Sunni Muslim Afghanistan and, over the years, has received some 3.5 million Afghan refugees, including those fleeing the Taliban. In the late 1990s, the Ayatollahs nearly went to war with Taliban-controlled Afghanistan after ten Iranian diplomats and a journalist were killed in Mazar-i-Sharif. The Islamic Republic then began cooperating with the United States at the beginning of the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, with intelligence support, before relations deteriorated due to the swagger and incompetence of George W. Bush administration officials.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden administration’s colossal miscalculation of the ill-conceived withdrawal or rather shameful flight of American troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s swift victory over the Western-backed government allows Iran to take a more defiant stance against America retreating, if not more precisely, running from the Middle East.   “The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the domination of the will of the aggrieved people of Afghanistan has always created security and stability,” said Ebrahim Raisi.

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