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31-08-21 01:47:00,

J.P. Wheeler says:

It was stunning the first time I saw the Jane Standley BBC Tower 7 clip. I still remember the first time I saw it I was thinking, “how did they allow this to slip through the cracks?” It’s funny, I found a clip today of Phil Hayton(the BBC anchor interviewing her about WTC 7) talking about how he doesn’t even remember being in studio that day! 🤔

The Larry Silverstein PBS “pull it” interview was equally staggering. You wonder how this guy did what he did and never even got questioned about it!? It’s all just brushed under the rug and forgotten, nothing to see here!

You know, I never really knew about the Pearl Harbor predictive programming. Not only were there news clips but that movie came out several months before 9/11. As bad as many thought it was, a lot of people watched it! Damn you Michael Bay! 😄

Just a few thoughts, have an awesome day!!!

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