WHO hires dubious PR agency



WHO hires dubious PR agency

01.09.2021 | www.kla.tv/19716

Mandatory masking, quarantines, lockdowns, curfews, controversial vaccination campaigns, company bankruptcies, etc. have had a massive impact on people’s lives for more than a year. But how is it that the population often even defends government-imposed coercive measures? Where does the information that guides people’s thinking, feeling and acting come from? In view of the gigantic influence information has on people, it is worth taking a look at the way it comes about. On May 1st, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) hired public relations agency Hill + Knowlton Strategies to develop a public information strategy concerning Corona. Hill + Knowlton states the reason for their taking action as follows: There have been criticisms and allegations against the World Health Organization (WHO) and media coverage that could undermine WHO as a trusted and critical source of information on global public health issues. The PR agency sees its task in restoring the damaged trust in science and the WHO. But how trustworthy is this PR agency itself? Let us look back a few years for this: Barbara Vorsamer of the Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote the following article on May 21st, 2010: Hill + Knowlton PR Agency: Dirty Talk: “The agency is notorious for its dodgy crisis PR – one of its lies played a major role in the case for the first Iraq war.” According to the report, the agency had run a large-scale campaign for the Gulf War called the “incubator lie.” In it, a would-be nurse’s aide tearfully recounted how Iraqi soldiers raided her hospital, taking babies from incubators and throwing them on the floor to die. The Western world was shocked. A short time later, the first U.S. war against Iraq began, with hundreds of thousands of dead as a result. Later on the story was exposed as a lie by the PR professionals of Hill + Knowlton, who allegedly received 14 million dollars from the U.S. government, among others. Barbara Vorsamer lists other PR activities of H+K that served the interests of governments, lobbyists and powerful organizations: “After such a scandal, actually no one should trust any statement anymore in which Hill + Knowlton even remotely have their fingers in the pie. But the communications professionals act inconspicuously and have specialized especially in tricky jobs and shady clients”.

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