IS-Attack Kabul: Perfect opportunity for US-strategists in Afghanistan?



IS-Attack Kabul: Perfect opportunity for US-strategists in Afghanistan?

13.09.2021 |

Only a week after our Kla.TV broadcast “Afghanistan in Phase 5 – U.S. Withdrawal Strategy” on August 20, 2021, reports in the leading media today (that is August 28) stated that the terrorist organization Islamic State, or IS, had carried out an attack on the airport in Kabul, killing over 100 people. The Taliban would have been responsible for the security of the airport. That is what they had assured the U.S. government. Islamist forces in Afghanistan are divided and competing for dominance in the country. U.S. President Joe Biden had announced operations against the Islamists as a result of this latest unrest. These are the reports of the leading media. Thus, the predictions from our broadcast seem to be coming true before our very eyes and ears. Prognosis of broadcast „Afghanistan in Phase 5 – US-Withdrawal Strategy“ from August 20, 2021 The U.S. military is pulling out of Afghanistan shortly before the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The dreaded and seemingly all-powerful Taliban are back in power. Oh horror! – A shock sweeps the world: Who is able to defeat the strongest nation in the world twice, is the question now. (…) Before we find judgement, let’s take a closer, more detailed look at the matter: At least according to our educational film “Modern Wars: How do they work?” ( the withdrawal of the US-military from Afghanistan is in precise accordance with phase 5 of modern war strategy. Do you understand? A withdrawal with the strategic goal that the previously controlled country would deliberately descend into total chaos. The fact that the U.S. withdrawal is taking place shortly before the 20th anniversary of 9/11, compellingly results not only in the further cementing of the Taliban-lie surrounding 9/11, but it is also opening up phase 6: And, in this film, what is phase 6 aiming at? The world’s population is meant to watch the Taliban dramas unfold anew – it is supposed to suffer through all the terror shocks of 9/11 yet again, almost as if in time-lapse – to the point, let’s say, when all women in the world fear being locked up in dark holes in ankle-length robes and black scarves wrapped around their heads. Do you understand? This is all being hyped up now,

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