Before the total censorship comes: Back up Kla.TV to your computer


Before the total censorship comes: Back up Kla.TV to your computer

20.09.2021 |

Based on the current everyday moving restrictions, today‘s broadcast is not held in out studio but instead, you see me in my private abode. We fully focus on offering you, despite restrictions, an independent and free reporting. Vimeo expunges all Kla.TV Videos, without recourse: The entire Kla.TV channel on the video platform Vimeo was extinguished without warning. Tens of Thousands of productions of Kla.TV can no longer be pulled up on the allegedly independent video platform. Upon request, Vimeo wrote: We don‘t allow videos that present false or misleading claims about vaccine safety, or that claim, tragedies affecting masses of people would be fraud or false flag operations. YouTube hides Kla.TV videos: If, on youtube search window, the exact title of a popular Kla.TV broadcast is entered, the search results mostly yield not a single indication of the existence of the KlaTV channel. Subscribers report that our videos disappeared from the subscriber feed and the Likes are no longer counted. We appear to have been banned for quite some time from YouTube voting? Was ist gemeint mit „Empfehlungen“? FaceBook pops up fact checking verbiage: If you would like to watch the Kla.TV broadcast on FaceBook, you will be surprised with the warning verbiage: „False Information – checked by independent fact checkers.“ The internet makes great strides towards a totalitarian controlled single opinion web. Where does that leave critical journalism and investigative counter voices regarding world events? Kla.TV does not claim absense of mistakes – rather, claims complete mentioning of sources: As a contribution for the educated and free formation of opinion of mankind. This appears to be a thorn in the eyes of the makers of a controlled internet. Become active and download possibly all important Kla.TV subject matters onto your own computer. Our volunteer programmers expand the download offerings steadily: With the latest download function, you can now download entire video collections with a few mouse-clicks. And this is how that works: Click on the subject interesting you: – in the hashtag navigation column – below the individual videos – or in the course of the broadcast playback Click on „Download“ and choose the corresponding type of download. There are suitable download options for the computer newby inasmuch as for the advanced user.

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