Entire January 6 Investigation Unmasked


22-09-21 09: 10: 00,

Revolver.News investigative journalist, Darren Beattie has been staying on his investigation into January 6th, which he calls “The highest-stakes, most dangerous and most important story in the country.”

In his previous report, Beattie said the evidence was overwhelming that 1/6 was actually orchestrated by the government saying, “I believe was engineered as an infiltration operation. This false narrative is now the key pretext that our National Security state is using to ram through Patriot Act 2.0, the Domestic War on Terror.”

He said the biggest proof of this were the upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators in the 1/6 indictments made against members of the key implicated militia groups, who have not been charged for the same activities — in some cases, more severe activities — as those named alongside them in the indictments. Beattie believes these individuals were not indicted due to grants of immunity,

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