Weather Weapons Raid – Now!



Weather Weapons Raid – Now!

21.09.2021 |

As a result of serious indications that the recent floods were caused by weather weapons, Christoph Hörstel of Neue Mitte (D) has clear political demands: »An immediate police intervention in the Chancellor’s Office, the secret services and the Bundeswehr.« Hörstel proves that clear evidence of catastrophes caused by weather weapons has been available for decades. The people must know immediately which files on such war crimes are available. Whoever hinders this disclosure must expect to be charged with complicity in war crimes after evidence has been produced. Here now is an excerpt from Hörstel’s speech. The river overflowed its banks and swept away bridges, streets, houses, stores and people in the village. 34 people died. This did not happen in the Ruhr area, it happened almost 70 years ago in England in the night from August 15 to 16, 1952. The (one party) “Neue Mitte”, ladies and gentlemen, welcomes you. Today is Saturday, July 17, 2021 and it is 1:30 pm. In respectful remembrance of our brave pioneers in the former GDR, we should perhaps make this July 17th our June 17th. And there is also a lesson: The western zones in the old Federal Republic should also have rebelled against their occupiers. As always, the censorship: facebook caps and punishes all who forward, post, etc. Thanks for all who help here. That is the only antidote to censorship that works, that you distribute things. Thank you. (…) And now we are taking a very huge step. In a way, this is about Germany and its people. I wouldn’t have dreamed of that a few days ago. We cannot simply do disaster reporting here and forget who is doing what here in Germany and elsewhere. And those who, like me, are now sitting warm and dry in Potsdam and have to report all this, would do well to do so for the others who are now suffering and who cannot and do not even have a head for it, sensibly, along with relatives, friends, relatives, and so on. Acquaintances, that we hunt the guilty ones here. Because this has to start immediately, otherwise it will all go very wrong, because the propaganda wave is already running. And we see this as a service to those who are now in a bad way.

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