Lawyers protest against STIKO vaccination recommendation for adolescents!



Lawyers protest against STIKO vaccination recommendation for adolescents!

24.09.2021 |

The Standing Commission on Vaccination – STIKO for short – announced on Monday, August 16, 2021, that it now also recommends Corona vaccination for adolescents between the ages of twelve and 17. Previously, the medical advisory body had always refused to make a general vaccination recommendation for adolescents. Prior to August 16, STIKO had only recommended that adolescents with pre-existing conditions be vaccinated against Corona. This reluctance was criticized, sometimes very strongly, by politicians. For example, Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder said, “We appreciate the STIKO, but this is a voluntary organization. The EMA – the European Medicines Agency – these are the professionals. They decided: yes, the vaccine is approved.” STIKO’s sudden change of heart therefore raises the serious question of whether STIKO is really as independent as it repeatedly asserts itself to be. Did the STIKO ultimately give in to political pressure? Numerous lawyers are now calling on the STIKO in an urgent appeal to “withdraw the vaccination recommendation issued for experimental gene substances for all children aged 12 to 17!” In an 11-page letter addressed by name to all members of the STIKO, the lawyers justify their protest. We show the entire letter unabridged in the credits. At this point, we only mention a few essential points of the lawyers’ argumentation in short excerpts: 1. children are not pandemic drivers 2. corona researchers: schools are not a risk 3. unexplored and experimental gene substances The Covid-19 vaccines are not traditional vaccines, but experimental gene substances. The side effects to date are dramatic and highly concerning. Long-term effects are simply not known … The EudraVigilance database reported that as of July 31, 2021, 20,595 deaths and 1,960,607 injuries have been reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 gene therapeutics (by which advocates mean vaccines). 4. asymptomatic (people who do not show symptoms) people do not spread the virus 5. twice as many hospitalizations of vaccinated people as of unvaccinated people. Israel is the most “thoroughly vaccinated” country in the world. Yet there is no statistical difference in cases between vaccinated and unvaccinated. Surprisingly, there are twice as many hospitalizations of the vaccinated than of the unvaccinated. 6 Dramatic numbers of reported vaccine adverse events. 438,440 cases of severe vaccine adverse events were registered with the VAERS portal (U.S.

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