„Vaccination didn’t have planned effect …“ – a mother’s voice



„Vaccination didn’t have planned effect …“ – a mother’s voice

28.09.2021 | www.kla.tv/20010

Yes, there is a new video for a current occasion. It’s about vaccination, the big topic everywhere, with us also, not only talking about it, but also having to handle it – every single day. Because our son, Basti, we are here in the garden … Let’s open up a bit here, it’s not quite warm, but not so cold either. Basti was also vaccinated once, because vaccinations are safe, promote health and are particularly important for the immune system in the long term. Unfortunately, this did not work for us as planned, but since his vaccination, which he received at five and a half months, Sebastian is completely 100% disabled. Since that time he doesn’t talk anymore, doesn’t even speak out loud like he used to do as a baby, has to be fed and have diapers changed until today. Yes, and so we have the problem that vaccination – which is now becoming compulsory, compulsory for everyone, so that everyone can have their fun with it – has unfortunately backfired on us and we therefore have no, absolutely no understanding for vaccinations, neither for those that are compulsory nor for those that are not yet compulsory. Because I can’t see anything positive in the whole thing. There is no proof of efficacy for any vaccination, and the pharmaceutical industry does not need to provide this proof in the first place. And in fact, it is not possible to trace this in the blood of the injured or vaccinated person, whether the person is actually vaccinated or has a natural titer, whether the titer develops at all – nothing is clear with vaccinations, except that they harm, as can be seen now. Because the actual positive beneficial effect is not traceable, not measurable. It can, it doesn’t have to, and the risk is on the parents – that’s why we sign our consent for vaccinations. And if we don’t sign, we don’t get it. But we can turn the tables, of course, so that the doctor has to take responsibility for all the consequences of vaccination. Because if he doesn’t, ask yourself: Why? Just let him sign that everything, which comes along with the inoculation, is now at the charge of the physician.

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