“Corona vaccination” – Who can the population really believe?



“Corona vaccination” – Who can the population really believe?

30.09.2021 | www.kla.tv/20036

Never before has the issue of vaccination split a society so much that even families are divided. Right from the beginning, governments have propagated vaccination as the only solution to defuse the pandemic crisis. Other and less expensive treatment methods are ignored and do not receive any media attention. Particularly this vaccination is highly controversial among experts. Renowned medical experts consider the “Corona vaccination” to be a genetic manipulation and a worldwide human experiment. In order to make an informed decision, it is helpful to listen to the statements of experienced and independent doctors. It is especially necessary to look at where the money is flowing and at dependencies. How much can you trust doctors who are directly or indirectly dependent on the pharmaceutical industry and are rewarded for their statements or paid for vaccinating? Did you know, for example, that Austria’s medical doctors receive a fee of 25 euros per Corona vaccination? The hourly rate for mobile vaccination is 150 Euros. Just because the individual being vaccinated does not have to pay personally, many believe that the whole thing “costs nothing anyway” and that the doctors are also providing their services for free. One can’t just pass by, such a great bargain. The trust regarding information on the so-called “toxic cocktail” should rather be placed in those people who, despite the media headwind and the risk of losing their license, warn the population on the basis of evidence. They expose themselves to public criticism, they put their social reputation on the line, they suffer financial losses through dismissal, they are arrested or, as just happened recently, they even had to suffer getting beat up. Dear viewers: The real heroes are rather those doctors who stand by their medical vow according to the Geneva Declaration, which states among other things: “I will not, even under threat, use my medical knowledge to violate human rights and civil liberties”. THEY deserve to be heard! Kinesiologist Dorothea Amtmann even believes, “If no one earned a single cent from “Corona” anymore, the problem would be solved and over with in about two hours.”

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“Corona vaccination” – Who can the population really believe?

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